4 Things To Keep In Mind When Booking An Escort

For many of the girls we have here at Ace Sexy Escorts, the regulars they obtain over time are generally considered  ‘ the bread and butter ‘ of their business. These guys bring in a regular income and if they like the escort will keep coming back and keep paying for her services.

However it’s not always up to the clients, sometimes an escort may refuse a booking or a client if they have previously had a bad experience with this person.

There are a number of reasons why an escort may refuse to see a customer again, even a regular.

Let’s run through a short list of four reasons an escort may refuse to see you again. Starting with:


An obvious one here. Come clean. Nobody wants to get intimate with someone who clearly has bad hygiene, especially if the lack of hygiene is evident such as a strong lingering smell or evident dirtiness on the skin and hair. Just because you are paying for a service doesn’t mean the service HAS to take place, escorts have a right to refuse to sleep with anyone they want and can choose to accept or decline a booking, for this reason, everybody should make sure, especially if booking an escort, their personal hygiene is up to par.


Many escorts don’t negotiate price, if they really like you or you are a regular and have amounted a small fortune her way for her services, she may offer you a discount. However most bookings are pre-agreed upon, a set price is in place and that’s the price that has to be paid. Escorts despise clients who try to underpay and don’t come with the amount of money initially agreed upon prior to a meeting. Even worse are people who try to haggle as though a definitive price wasn’t already decided. Haggling or trying to underpay an escort is bad business for both parties and can result in her not seeing you again, or even worse the agency blacklisting you and warning other agencies and escorts about you.

Tiring Sex

I know, sounds like a contradiction considering the sexual nature this industry is built upon. However, the entire experience, not just the sex has to be enjoyable for both parties, sometimes a small mental connection made in the beginning can make the entire process enjoyable for both client and escort. A small ice-breaking conversation in the beginning can be the difference between an escort feeling used or an escort feeling like she was payed for a service well provided. No escort wishes to have long tiresome sex for an hour straight with a client, be tactful of this, it may be the difference between you seeing the woman of your dreams again or never hearing from her in the future.

Rude and Disrespectful

It doesn’t matter if you’re paying someone for a service, or if your being paid for a service, nobody enjoys when someone else is rude to them. Rude clients who are abusive, vulgar in their language and all around despicable people to be around may result in the escort deducing the same and never seeing that person again.

Treating somebody like they’re below you, or doesn’t deserve your respect simply because of your opinion on what they do, is a damaging perspective to carry in life, as many of us do and say things somebody else may not accept or think is very proper. For this reason it’s important to just be respectful and act accordingly during your experience and you never know, you may be lucky enough to experience it all over again.

So the next time you find yourself with the woman of your dreams, take a second to think about how your behaving, you could wake up from this dream and find yourself in a nightmare scenario where you may never see her again.

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