5 Types of Clients Escorts May Encounter

As an escort part of the job, both a positive and negative aspect is meeting new people. Meeting new people can be fun and exciting and at the same time can be a terrible experience we wish we didn’t have. The escorts here at Ace Sexy Escorts are in the unique position of meeting new people regularly and meeting regular people enough to notice ‘types’ of people. Escorts could create profiles of the types of clients they encounter but since they’re a little busy, we thought we’d do it instead.

So here are 5 types of clients an escort may encounter while on the job.

Starting at number one is the one all escorts dread:

Mr Annoying (What if i add a fiver?)

Mr annoying is probably more popular than he thinks. Many escorts interact with clients who are inexperienced with booking escorts or are simply too picky and annoying about what they’re looking for. These are the type of clients who will keep asking questions such as ‘ what can I get for this price?’, try to haggle the price, turn up late to locations, frequently cancel, try underpay or ‘owe’ or just simply have bad hygiene.

Escorts like dealing with people who are confident and know what they want, in every aspect of their lives, especially bookings. Clients who ask too many questions, want an abundance of information about the experience over the phone and generally seem like time wasters are the most irritating for escorts, and can even get clients blacklisted with the agency or other agencies and leave them with a bad reputation among other escorts making it a lot more difficult to successfully proceed with bookings in the future.

Mr Specific – (Green Eyes, Black Hair, Hourglass)

On the flip side to the unsure Mr Annoying, is the way more personality attractive Mr Specific. Like I mentioned, escorts like clients who know what they want, from the beginning phone call to the hotel room meeting. Mr specific knows the girls he wants to book, books them without annoyingly probing there life or services, pays the full amount when requested, is respectful and considerate of the escorts, leaves when asked too and occasionally brings a gift for his escort. These are the type of guys who escorts would consider a blueprint for other clients to follow and model themselves after. Specific, prompt and proper, all qualities escorts appreciate.

Mr Cheeky (Can I get a discount since i’m actually clean this week)

We all have a little tongue and cheek in us and every now and then we want to stick our tongue in between someone’s cheeks. Although saying that out loud can be a little too cheeky and forward. Your natural charm may swing many things your way in your everyday life, but escorts don’t know you personally enough, nor are they friends or sometimes not even interested in being friends, this is when trying to use your natural charm to get more time with an escort or a reduced price just makes you look negatively cheeky and like a bit of an idiot. The last type of clients escorts want are people who think they can talk their way to a better deal.

Mr Nice (I don’t normally do this..)

Mr Nice is a sensitive one. Some people who hire escorts are lonely and craving intimate attention, others are coming out of a break-up, marriage or just a really long committed relationship. These type of clients aren’t used to booking escorts and this is usually out of character for them. Since they’re not used to the protocol, these clients tend to be more prompt with payment, haggle less and are very respectful and polite to the escorts.

This is ideal and all clients should respect their escorts and be proper with them. The downside however, is because this type of attention and availability isn’t something these men are commonly exposed to, it can all be a little daunting and more so, exciting as hell.

Therefore some of these clients will slowly develop feelings for their escort and find it more difficult to have a constant emotional barrier between you that never gets beyond the agreed terms. Some guys will find this difficult to deal with and can quickly become possessive, annoying and in some cases even a danger.

Mr Fantastic (Thanks, bye)

This is the ideal client escorts hope to get and hope to get a lot more regularly. Some clients are quite familiar with the practice of booking an escort and know how the procedure goes. They also know exactly who they want and for how long, payment will be made immediately when asked and the date won’t extend beyond the time agreed or below the price negotiated. Mr Fantastic is also never late and always hygienic. Escorts appreciate cleanliness of course, so only please when you’re clean.

Another reason Mr Fantastic is so ideal for escorts is despite the efficiency we’ve talked about, Mr Fantastic is also a great conversation and on occasion, may bring a gift for his escorts such as roses or perfume. Small gifts are appreciated and help the whole experience go smoother. If you find yourself looking for the woman of your dreams keep these pointers in mind, and make sure out of everyone, you’re Mr Fantastic.

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