The Benefits Of Working As An Escort

Many jobs have there own perks and positive aspects about them that make them worth doing and help motivate the staff involved in that profession. Escorting is one of the most lucrative and exciting jobs in the world, and on top of it already being an incredible profession there are more than a few perks that come along with the job. So let’s get into some of the reasons escorting is such a desirable profession, especially at an agency like here at Ace Sexy Escorts, starting with:

Hotels & New People

Although it may be hard to believe, most jobs don’t, in fact, allow you to stay in luxury hotels all day and operate out of them. This is one of the many perks with escorting as you have to operate out of hotels if that’s your base and the high threat count, fancy decor, room service, turn-down service and general luxury of the hotel make this one of the more luxurious perks of the job.

Even if you yourself aren’t operating from a hotel room it’s possible your client is or he’s booked a fancy room for the two of you and spending time in paid for expensive hotels is just a bonus on top of bonuses. Escorts can sometimes get booked for people in expensive suites and penthouses and the exposure to these beautiful settings is just one of the many perks of escorting.

As well as spending all this time in fancy hotels and meeting people, one of the other perks to this job is exactly that, you get to meet new people. Sometimes in a job you may find yourself sat next to the same people day in day out with very little to no interaction with anyone else and this can become incredibly tedious and maybe even contribute to your lack of enthusiasm at your job.

Escorts don’t have this problem which would probably explain the incredible enthusiasm all escorts carry with them. Meeting new people can be fun and exciting as you are constantly expiosed to and introduced to people from different backgrounds, with different stories, morals, perspectives and beliefs to you. This exposure to such a wide variety of people is good for learning about the world and gives you a unique insight into the minds of your clients.


With most jobs, you probably know the hours and payment are a lot more fixed. Payday is usually at a fixed date at the end of each month and that’s the only pay-day there will be. The payment payed is calculated on the number of hours done in the month so if you do roughly the same amount of hours you will always earn the same amount of money regardless of if you think you’ve been working harder than usual or not. In the companionship profession, however, Payday is a lot more regular as it’s not fixed to a particular day.

Instead of waiting for that precious pay-day every month escorts are paid before each booking which means if you have 12 bookings a month it’s almost like you’ve had twelve pay-days in that month, and who wouldn’t want that with any job?

The pay is also drastically different as most normal 9-5 jobs pay a minimum wage of around £7.50 an hour. In escorting the prices are north of £70 an hour so the potential to make a lot more money is definitly there. As you can see the difference in pay for an hour is immense and if this isn’t a perk enough, it’s also worth mentioning that the companion industry is completely dominated by cash payments so unlike a regular job which mostly operate under direct debit, all money you recieve as a companion will be cash in your hands.

Desire & Gifts

Another perk that is unique to escorting is the fact that as part of your job, whether you enjot it or not is that you are worshipped here. Clients are head over heels for there escorts and see them as elite gorgeous women worth spending time with and this desirable factor isn’t something you find in most jobs. I mean, where else do you have someone worship your beauty and give you money at the end of it. Escorting is one of the few professions in the world where your beauty is constantly on display and people are always marvelling over you.

Speaking of worshipping you clients also get there favourite escorts gifts to say thank you for the incredible services. This is a small fantastic perk as the gifts can vary from chocolate to perfume to even more extravagant gifts such as trips abroad. Escorting is a profession that lets you know how beautiful you are, and you’re supposed to boast your beauty without feeling vain. After all, it’s practically part of your job, so revil and bask in the glory you deserve.

Why Not Apply To Be An Escort!

So there we have it, incase you needed a small pick-up or you’re an aspiring escort looking to get into the profession hopefully these small motivations have helped you pick the right decision. It’s important to note that individually maybe non of these are motivations enough to become or stay an escort but together they definitly make for an awsome profession on top of an already lucrative and exciting job. 

As many of you probably already know, here at Ace Sexy Escorts, we’re always looking to hire the best escorting talent in the city. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits listed above, and belive you’d make a great additon to our team then apply today!

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