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Canonbury is located in North London and forms part of the London Borough of Islington. In many ways, this is very much a hidden part of London. What makes Canonbury so great? If you have not visited the Canonbury part of London, it is only natural that you will not know what makes it great. Canonbury is a nice place to live and full of nice homes. There are also many great places to go out and eat in. You can also enjoy a selection of bars and restaurants. 

Should I Settle For Second Best? 

Do you work for a London escorts agency? I have been working for escort agencies in Canonbury and other parts of London for some time now. During that time, I have become aware that many girls who have worked as Canonbury escorts have settled for second best as far as their relationships go. I have known a number of my former colleagues to end up in unhappy relationships or relationships that don’t last for a long time. 

One of the problems is that most girls who have worked as cheap Canonbury escorts find it hard to tell a guy that they are escorts, or have been escorts. Let’s be hones, how do you tell guy that you work for an escort agency in Canonbury? That may be easy to do when he is involved in some way with Canonbury escorts, but otherwise, it is very hard to do so. 

Do cheap Canonbury Escorts Marry Their Clients? 

It is not unusual for Canonbury escorts to end up in relationships with clients and even to marry them. Sometimes these relationships do actually work out better than hooking up with a regular guy if you know what I mean. Your future partner will know what you are about and you will know what he is about when it all comes down to it. I am sure that many cheap Canonbury escorts do fall in love with their clients. It is kind of a professional risk in the industry if you know what I mean. 

If you are thinking about marrying one of your Canonbury escorts’ clients, you do need to bear in mind that the relationship may not last. Should you leave cheap Canonbury escorts to get married? On the surface of it, that may seem like a smart thing to do but it may not work out. Before you leave the escort agency in Canonbury to marry a client, it is best to have some kind of back up plan. Many escorts just leave without having a secure second income. That is not a smart thing to do at all. 

Staying Single For The Rest Of Your Life

Is staying single for the rest of your life an option for Canonbury escorts? Believe me, there are plenty of former escorts in Canonbury that stay single. When you are an escort, you are likely to earn more than other girls in London. The problem comes when you try to make it on your own and meet someone. How do you explain how you managed to buy a flat in London? This is not always easy. 

When you work for an escort agency, you really need to have some sort of plan when it comes to explaining what you do for a living or used to do for a living. I know many girls who work for Canonbury escorts and have a second job to “cover” for their job with the escort agency in Canonbury. In the business, it is often called a cover job. It is a job that you can put on your CV and explain what you used to do for a living. Finding a job as a former escort in not easy at all. 

In Conclusion

Still, most Canonbury escorts dream of being in happy relationships and find a man on their own. I often wish that men were more accepting if you know what I mean. Many men that I know are keen to date sexy escorts and have a bit of fun. However, when it comes to marrying them or get involved with on a personal basis, they are often less keen to do so. 

That is why so many former cheap Canonbury escorts end up a bit lost and not sure if they are ever going to find love. 

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