Christmas gifts to impress your date

We know it’s early November but many clients have that one special escort, who no matter how aloof they behaved, she managed to knock down the walls of formality and detachment. If this has happened to an astute and savvy client, the chances are that the escort in question is genuinely a lovely and kind individual whom he can trust. As a result, you may like to treat her this Christmas. To help we thought we’d help with a few gifts ideas:

Naughty toys are top of the list because this blog would be extremely boring without it. Pop down to Soho and treat your beautiful young escort to a selection of colourful and pleasure-inducing objects that look as though they have come from outer space. The chances are that she won’t have the same one at home and the best part is that every time she uses it to reach natural levels of ecstasy, she will think of you! Escorts almost always have a naughty cupboard and within are some of the most delightful and intriguing props.

Our girls may not have trained as a dominatrix but she will have been asked at least once whether she would dress up in latex; some are happy to do so, others would rather not. However, there are some frisky East London escorts who love nothing more than exploring their alter-ego and dressing up as a formidable latex princess with a whip in hand. Our companions may not openly promote their dominatrix side which is why it is advised that you ask her whether or not she would enjoy it. If you want to give her a surprise gift, then you cannot go wrong with latex gloves from Coco De Mer; elegant, edgy and incredibly hot!

It’s time to unwind and behave a little so the next option for a Christmas gift would be massage oils. Model escorts love the symbiotic nature of quality companionship: giving and receiving. Oils from Neal’s Yard and Decléor are fantastic. And offer delicious edible oils – a real treat! Add some crystals that you can heat and cool in the water, then you have all the tools for a hot stone massage, which may I add is amazing! The best gifts are the ones that you can share, and you and your date can take turns in giving each other a massage, delivering hot and cold sensations.

If you want to buy a very conservative gift, then stick to bed sheets or candles. It may not be outlandish but our stunning girls will be tremendously grateful nonetheless. Small gestures go a long way and a gift she can enjoy in private, in her own time, shows you truly are a gentleman! If you’re interested in booking the company of escorts spread throughout East London ( then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07375799168.

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