Our Guide To Notting Hill

Taking an escort on a date around Notting Hill can be so much fun, especially if she knows the area. She may have a couple of suggestions of her own. There is so much to cover in this area that even a Notting Hill escort will discover something new on every exploration.

Notting Hill, a part of West London where some of our best escorts are, has plenty to offer any potential visitors. Our fascination with the area never stops us from writing about it with the enthusiasm of a first-time tourist.
There are so many attractions that it’s difficult to decide where to begin, so us here at Ace Sexy Escorts thought we’d bring you our guide to all the best hotspots:

The Portobello Market

The Portobello Market is a huge attraction for many tourists and Saturday is the best time to go if you are interested in the antique market. If you are visiting Notting Hill during the week, then Golborne Road market is a must-see. During the week, you can purchase from a wide selection of fruit and vegetables of which you and the Notting Hill escort can take back to her apartment to cook. The best meals are prepared at home and you can ask the Notting Hill escort to whip up a special recipe from her hometown.

Get A Taste Of Quality Wine

Experiencing the produce of different vineyards need not be restricted to sunny vacations. In fact, you have everything you need in Notting Hill, considering that they have some of the best wine merchants that London has to offer. Wine sellers based on Campden Hill, Pembridge Rd and Elgin Crescent are definitely worth a look. Did you know that there are vineyards surrounding London? No, neither did I. Wine is a great icebreaker and a wonderful gift if you are visiting the Notting Hill escort at her residence.

Love To Get Your Drink On?

The Churchill Arms should not be missed, particularly during the day. Considered to be the most famous, or most frequented pub in London, the drinking house has the most gorgeous floral display adorning the facades. The pub has attracted tourists and photographers from all over the world. Women love flowers and images of flowers. Bring a camera to show off your photography skills, and most importantly, leave her with a souvenir of the amazing time you both spent together in Notting Hill.

If you’re interested in exploring the beautiful area of Notting Hill in the company of a hot girl then give us a call today! Or perhaps if you have a different area in mind, such as a hot escort in East London, then feel free to continue browsing the site.

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