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Recently, Playboy ran a very tasteful shoot with a gorgeous plus-size model on the cover. However, it is not just lads mags that are embracing the more curvaceous girl; more and more high-end fashion brands are loosening their discriminative grip on the strict size boundaries that they cater to.

This new found appreciation for the fuller women has created beautiful fashion campaigns with models who have shapely bodies that are supple looking and soft. As the idea of the curvy women is finally being accepted as an icon of beauty, more and more females are following suit and more men wish to be in the company of a gorgeous curvy model.

Why are curvy escorts so fun?

Our East London escorts collection is filled with some of the most impressive curvy escorts you can find anywhere in the city. Curvy escorts are known for being confident and knowing how to carry themselves. Having a tiny waist and large hips can be tricky when coordinating yourself around table corners but not for a woman who’s in tune with her body and every muscle movement it makes. As a result, she carries herself with elegance and knows how to tear up the dance floor. Her fluidity of movement will turn every head and her stamina will allow the curvy escort to dance – very well – until the sun rises and the stream of bankers are already on their way to work.

It’s no wonder that some of the world’s best dancers and performers are curvaceous women with sass.

A curvy East London escort with a gorgeous toned figure will be physically fit and due to being able to move her body well for long periods of time, she’s the ultimate companion for an extended booking.

The bounce with curvy East London escorts is so amazing that it will throw your logic into a complete state of chaos. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get out of here and go spend some quality time with a curvy lady to fully appreciate!

Voluptuous escorts are being sought after more than ever with some of our best clients asking for an East London escort who fills out her clothes elegantly. Every agency will have their own preferences but we live in a time where the minority is rising to the top and what once was not considered beautiful enough, is now in hot demand. It could be the natural sag of her large, yet firm, breasts and her waspie waist and peachy bottom that makes her look like a Baroque goddess. The gym is always a hobby for a curvy London escort but she doesn’t toil away because she wants to maintain her soft, feminine curves.  
The operative word is feminine because when a female fully develops, she gets curves and she becomes a woman. The silhouette that a curvy escort creates is sensual and mature – it’s appealing to a man’s man.

Why not treat yourself to a dinner date!

It goes without saying: London curvy escorts love to eat and are not fussy on a dinner date. There will be no steak dodging and chip stealing with the curvy escort in London – oh no no! The curvy escort knows her mind and her tastes despite what her contemporaries may say. She will certainly not skip the spare ribs – eaten with her fingers, no less – or the organic ricotta and Greek yoghurt cheesecake for dessert. Why shouldn’t she eat well since the weight goes to all the right places? There is no logical answer to this question so never put obstacles between a curvy goddess and her delicious banquets.

Curvy escorts always look younger than other women their age and it’s due to living well. Their peachy cheeks, glistening eyes and shiny hair; there can be no doubt that East London curvy escorts that are a little plumpy look like an angel in lingerie – all they are missing are the harps and trumpets.

Women buy high fashion magazines and men buy Playboy and we all know which type of publication celebrates curvy women. Lilith escort agency recorded that the profiles that viewers spent the most time on were that of the curvy escorts.  
Fancying a super curvy woman in an age of stigmatization doesn’t make you a hero, but it does mean your options are even more bountiful than the average man.

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The best part about our service is our incredible prices! For just £79 an hour you could enjoy the company of any one of our beautiful curvy ladies, without any hidden charges. Every profile comes with all the information you need before booking so be sure to take the time to have a look through to give yourself the best chance of finding the perfect escort.

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