Independent vs Agency, Which is best?

There are two types of escorts available. Traditionally, escorts would work under the supervision of an organisation or individual who would take a percentage of their earnings in return for a steady stream of bookings and help with logistics and other businesses related aspects of the job. On the other hand, you have the girls that work completely independent, without any security or guarantee of making any money. The question is, which is better for both the girl and the omer? We spoke to one of our most experienced girls who has worked as both and asked her what she thought

Do Independent or Agency Girls Get More Bookings

It’s difficult to say because of frequency. As an independent escort, your bookings are way less often but you do get the odd occasion where you rack off a number of them. When you work with an agency your bookings are still not completely guaranteed but you can pretty accurately predict how much you’re going to earn consistently. It’s much better for girls who want to know that they will have a steady income. I guess it’s pretty similar to being self-employed vs working for a company.

Are Clients Different?

Most definitely. This is one of the best parts of being an agency escort because you can build a relationship with the clients. They are way more likely to re-book than an individual client. They are also less prone to haggle over the price which is a massive turn off in our industry. I think part of the reason that keeps the client’s behaviour in check is knowing that they have a guaranteed assurance of excellence. When you book individually you have no idea what type of girl you are going to get or whether she will even be worth your time. Booking an agency escort gives customers a feeling of security so they kind of act accordingly too.

What is more expensive?

To be honest, I would say that agency escorts tend to be a little bit more expensive but it all depends on the agency. What you need to consider that regardless of where the girl is listed, she would have had to pay a fee to get on her site anyway so it probably balances out anyway. The difference is that with an agency you have the back up of the agency to be responsible for the girl should something happen that leaves you dissatisfied. You’ll get girls that are not completely honest with the service they provide so I would always book with a side of caution.

What do the girls prefer?

I’m not going to lie and say that working with an agency is better every single time for every girl. In my opinion, working independently is 100% better than working for an agency that doesn’t care about you but when you find one that actually provides and contributes to your safety, health and increases bookings then I would always say go with an agency. I would recommend to any young girl who is getting involved in the industry to just keep their wits about them, there are a lot of people looking to take advantage. I was blessed that I found Ace Sexy who have been brilliant for me but not everyone gets as lucky first time around.


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