Maidenhead Escorts

Maidenhead is one of the larger towns in Berkshire. Maidenhead is a popular place to settle in if you need to commute into central London, or work in the M3 corridor. It is well-known for its shopping facilities and local services. Most towns in Berkshire are rather exclusive and expensive to live in. But, Maidenhead is the exception. House prices in Maidenhead are still fairly reasonable when compared to other places in Berkshire. 

Help! My Wife Is An Escort

My wife and I both used to live in London. Before I start my story, I have to point out that my wife used to work for a cheap escort agency in London. Actually, we met at the escort. I was a client and she was an escort. I had always been into dating escorts. Like so many other men who date escorts, my dream was to marry a girl who worked as an escort. 

When I met my wife, I immediately fell in love. Before I knew it, we were dating in private. As I lived in Maidenhead, I was hoping that my wife would leave the escort agency and move down to Maidenhead with me. The ultimate goal for me was to make sure that my wife gave up escorting and spent all of her time with me. 

Maidenhead Escorts

My wife and I got married three months after we met. Some would say it was a bit too soon. But, I really wanted to change my lifestyle. I had enough of dating escorts. What I did not know was that my wife would find it hard to give up escorting. After a couple of months in Maidenhead, my wife ended up joining cheap Maidenhead escorts. Unfortunately, I did not find out until a year later. 

I blame myself. I think that I had expected too much from my wife. After all, I worked in London all week and my wife was left alone at home in Maidenhead. Eventually, she got bored and ended up going back to her roots. That is how she ended up working for Maidenhead escorts. I guess I should not say anything, but I rally don’t want my wife to work for the cheap escort agency in Maidenhead. 

Will She Ever Give Up Escorting? 

How did I find out that my wife works for Maidenhead escorts? Well, a friend of mine decided that he would set up a couple of business dates with the escort agency in Maidenhead. There are other escort agencies in Berkshire, but compared to Maidenhead escorts, they are far more expensive. When he called Maidenhead escorts, he did not have a clue that my wife would not turn up. To say the least, he was pretty taken back when she walked into the restaurant. 

How do I feel about it? I understand that my wife is a bit bored with life in Maidenhead. After all, she worked full-time in London. As I am away during the week, I can understand that she wants something to do. But, does that something need to involve working for cheap Maidenhead escorts? I am not sure how to handle the situation. It is not the sort of thing you come across every day. 

There are other jobs here in Maidenhead, but I am not sure what my wife can see herself doing. I guess I should really have sat down and talked it through with her so that she did not end up joining heap Maidenhead escorts. I realise now that we may have rushed into our marriage after all. But, I could not help myself … I was so much in love.

As it stands, my friend is the only one to know my wife works for cheap Maidenhead escorts. However, I am concerned that more of my friends are going to find out. I am going to try to talk my wife out of working for Maidenhead escorts. What I really need to do, is to find her something that she can do when I am busy working in London. A guy like me can’t really afford to get known as the bloke with the wife who works as an escort. I hate to think what the guys at the golf club would say…

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