Are You A Sugar Babe Or An Escort? 

Are Sugar Babes trying to rewrite the rules when it comes to cheap dating and cheap escorting? The other day, I came across this Sugar Baby website. Normally, I am too busy with my work at Dartford escorts to stop and pay attention, but something made me think twice. It was the layout of the website. Looking at it a little bit closer, it soon became all too obvious that the content was very similar to the content of Dartford escorts website. 

The wannabe Sugar Babes had put up their own profiles just like the girls here at Dartford escorts. Reading them, it sounded very much what the girls were offering was a high-class escort service. Some of the girls even charged per hour. It made me wonder what the difference is between Dartford escorts and Sugar Babes.

Sugar Babes VS Dartford Escorts

What is the difference between Dartford companions and Sugar Babes? Most of the girls listed on the website offered exactly the same services as us girls at the hired companion company. The girls clearly listed all of the services they could offer their clients. A couple of the girls offered dinner dating and others offered business dating. You can see the types of services on these sites:

Reading what the girls had to offer, I asked myself if Sugar Babes are really just escorts under a new name. The website actually comes across as an attempt of trying to rebrand escorting services such as Dartford. Of course, not all of the girls offered payment per hour. A few of the girls offered fixed contracts if  a gentleman wanted to help her to pay this bill and that bill. Really? How many times can you offer a contract to have your electricity bill or food bill paid for you? 

Setting Up My Own Profile

By now I was really curious. I decided that I would check out the website on what you may call a personal basis. It did not take me long to set up my own profile, come up with an “artistic” name and post a couple of hot photos of me. The rest was easy. Just like Dartford escorts, I had to list the services that I provided and what I would expect in return. The site even encouraged me to set up a per hour rate. 

I had to sign that I was seeking an arrangement as it is called and agree to the commission rate. In many ways, it reminded me so much of Dartford escorts that it was creepy. Did I say that I worked for cheap Dartford escorts? No, I did not, I was just curious to find out what happened. 

Sugar Babe Or Dartford Escort? 

It did not take long for a gent to contact me. He was based in London and was looking for a date. In his email, it said that he wanted a trial date and was willing to pay per hour. I had listed a price which was higher than what I would charge for my services with Dartford escorts. He did not seem to mind and even offered to pay for my stay in a top hotel in central London

As I was having the Saturday night off from Dartford escorts, I decided to go ahead with the date. We met up and the date very much followed the pattern of a date on behalf of cheap Dartford escorts. He said that he wanted to see me again and within a couple of days, he got back in touch. 

For the time being, I am still seeing my Sugar Daddy. He is a very nice guy but what we do together is not so different from dating cheap London escorts. I have also been contacted by another couple of guys. To me, it would seem that Sugar Babes are escorts under a different name. It does make you wonder about the future of escorting. Maybe we are all doomed to become Sugar Babes. Also, how many Sugar babes have been escorts in the past?