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Finding Love In Mayfair

Is finding love in Mayfair harder than other parts of London? Finding love in a big city is never easy, however, it would seem finding love in posh parts of London such as Mayfair is harder than finding love in cheaper parts of London. Mayfair is one of the more exclusive residential areas in London. Packed with big houses often with security, people living in this part of London find it harder to reach out to each other. Most London Mayfair residents don’t even know the names of their neighbours. 

Living In Mayfair In London

When I first joined Mayfair escorts, I thought it was going to be very much like living and working in any other part of London. But, it was not long before I realised working for cheap Mayfair escorts was going to be a real challenge. Yes, there are a some restaurants and bars around, however, large parts of Mayfair in London feel like no man’s land. Okay, most shops in the local area are great, but going shopping in Mayfair is something most people struggle to afford. 

Are all people livin in Mayfair posh? The answer to that question is no. To my surprise, I found that many Mayfair locals struggled to afford their nice homes. A vast majority of the housing stock in this part of London never come onto the market. Instead homes are passed down the generations. The cost of living in Mayfair has seen an astronomic rise since the mega-rich moved into this part of London. The local residents who have called Mayfair their home for a long time, struggle to afford council taxes and rate payments which can only be descibed as extortiante.

How Living In Mayfair Has Affected Social Lives

Living in Mayfair has affected many peoples social lives. The same thing goes for those cheap Mayfair escorts who choose to call Mayfair their home. The girls really struggle to come along to our nights out as they are far too busy paying bills. The dating scene in and around Mayfair has also been affected by the social-economic status. I have been told that back in the 1970’s residents knew each other. Now many find friendships have been interrupted by so-called ” new locals” who are more interested in status than anything else.

How has this affected cheap Mayfair escorts? Well, we still have our fair share of local gents who like to come and see us, but the dating scene is certainly different from other parts of London. Most Mayfair escorts rely on outcalls to posh parties and exclusive hotels. Working as an escort in Mayfair is a very different experience from working in east London. It is less friendly.

Mayfair Escorts In London

Sure, it is nice to date rich men, but on the other hand, there are some downsides. When I worked for an escort agency in another part of London, I knew my dates on a personal basis. Yes, there are quite a few of escorts agencies in London some of which are Bankside EscortsBerkshire EscortsChelsea EscortsDartford EscortsEast Ham EscortsFinsbury Park EscortsEssex EscortsHolborn Escorts and many more. I really can’t say that I do dating on personal basis anymore. Sure, I know some of the local guys who like to date Mayfair escorts, but we do date a lot of men from out of town. It would seem that a lot of visiting businessmen really do have a thing about dating cheap Mayfair escorts. They seem to think that we are posh and a cut above other escorts in London. 

I would not call myself a cut above anyone else but I do appreciate it goes with the territory. Visitors to London often “assume’ Mayfair escorts are as posh as some of the Russian millionaires who call Mayfair their home. Nothing could be further from the truth. The girls who work for the escort agency in Mayfair are as down to earth as other escorts in London. But. I will admit sometimes you have to play the part and pretend to be at least a little bit on the “posh” side. 

However, I like to have fun as much as the next escort. There are days when working in Mayfair gets to me, but in general  it is okay. Many escorts in London dream of becoming Mayfair escorts. Like I say to them, you have to be careful with what you wish for…