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Is Sexual Nostalgia Ruining Your Sex Life?

You may not think that sexual nostalgia would be a popular topic in a Berkshire town such as Reading. However, an increasing number of local Reading residents are starting to realise that sexual nostalgia is ruining their sex lives and relationship. By now you are probably wondering what sexual nostalgia is and who coined the term. 

I have a funny feeling that it was one of the girls at our cheap Reading escorts agency who came up with the term sexual nostalgia. When I first heard the term sexual nostalgia, I thought it was a bit of a strange term to describe what can be best be called past sex lives, but then I realised it is a very fitting way to describe dreaming about former sexual partners. Just like anything else in life, we are likely to get nostalgic about our sexual relationships.

Reading Escorts On Sexual Nostalgia

So, is sexual nostalgia ruining your sex life and what does it mean? I think it would help a little bit more about the concept of sexual nostalgia before we move on. Sexual nostalgia means that you think, dream or fantasize about previous sexual partners when you are with your current partner. It is actually one of the main reasons men date cheap Reading escorts. If you like, they are trying to recreate the experiences they have had in the past. It may not be easy to do so with a new partner especially if you are thinking of Joanna in her gymslip behind the bikeshed every time you have sex with your partner. 

When I think about it, I must have dated an endless number of men who suffer from sexual nostalgia. When they call Reading escorts they often have specific requirements and want you to wear this and that. I have lost count of how many times I have been asked to wear a short skirt and my old school tie. It is okay with me, but it is probably not something you would ask a partner to do as it would not turn most women on. Instead, you would probably find that your partner would end up asking herself what is going on.

How To Deal With Sexual Nostalgia

Sexual nostalgia, just like all our other memories, is not easy to handle. The trick is to stop yourself from thinking about past pleasures and experiences. What you really need to do is to train your mind into moving forward and look for something different. If you focus too much on sexual nostalgia, you will often find that your sex life with your partner will be disappointing. 

Instead of focusing on the past when you are with your new partner, try to come up with new creative ways of making love or having sex. Maybe buy your partner some sexy underwear or just wait to see what she can do for you. Letting your new partner take control is an excellent way to create new memories. I am not saying that those memories are going to wipe out the memories you have Reading escorts, but your mind may just do a reset. 

Sexual nostalgia takes all different forms. For instance, your best sexual memories may not relate to partner play. Many of the men I have met during my time with cheap Reading escorts believe their best sexual memories have been created during solo play or when watching pornos. Men seem to have this ability to more or less become part of pornos. They imagine themselves in the role of the male actor. False memories are harder to deal with than real ones. 

If all else fails, and you still have a problem with sexual nostalgia, all you have to do is to pick and the phone to call Reading escorts. We are more than happy to sort out fantasy from fiction and create new happy memories for you. The escort agency in Reading is open 24/7 and all of the girls work as cheap outcall escorts in London as well as the surrounding areas. This means we are ready to come to see you whenever you need our help. No need to visit a relationship counsellor with cheap Reading escorts around if you know what I mean. For more escort agencies visit these below: