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Top Things All Girls Should Own

What are the things that all girls should own? Of course, there are some things that all girls should own. Once you have been working for an escorts agency for a while, you get used to the finer things in life. Before I joined cheap Marylebone escorts, I would never have dreamed of going into London’s top stores. Since then life has changed a lot and you can now say that I am pretty much used to the finer things in life. 

So, what are the finer things in life that I think that all girls should own? Of course, it depends on your personal taste, but I do think that there is one thing that all cheap Marylebone escorts should have in their wardrobe. It may not be something that you wear on a date with your Marylebone escorts clients. Instead, it is a treat to yourself that can make you feel like a million dollars. What is this special treat? Well, it is a Chanel dress. As most girls know, Chanel is famous for its cocktail dresses and lovely jackets. Well, I have worked my socks off at Marylebone escorts, saved up and now I have both a Chanel jacket and dress in my wardrobe. They are both about two years old now, but I don’t think that they will ever go out of fashion. 

Marylebone escorts On Luxury Perfumes

A luxury perfume may not change your life, but you will certainly know that you are wearing it. We are not talking Opium or one of those other scents so much favoured by cheap Marylebone escorts. I would call these perfumes dating perfumes. They are the kind of perfumes that I would wear when I go on dinner dates with my Marylebone escorts clients. No, what I am talking about are the real luxury perfumes that you can buy in top stores in and around London. 

They will set you back a lot more than your run of the mill perfumes. How do you get hold of them? Yes, you can buy them yourself, or you can attract the right kind of cheap Marylebone escorts clients. Fortunately for me, I date some very rich men and they love to treat me to all of the best perfumes. I have a couple now and you simply can’t beat their scents. Even after you have had them for a couple of years, they carry on smelling amazing. If I did not work for Marylebone escorts, I still think that I would buy one every so often as a special treat.

Marylebone escorts On Handbags

What about luxury handbags? Yes, every girl should have a luxury handbag. Most cheap Marylebone escorts have their own favorite luxury handbag manufacturer. My own personal favorite is Hermes. If a gentleman asks me if I like handbags I always tell him that my favorite handbag is Hermes. But, I do appreciate that not all gentlemen who like to date Marylebone escorts can afford Hermes handbags. If you can’t afford to buy me a Hermes bag, don’t’ worry about it. There are plenty of other nice bags out there which are more affordable.  You could check out Celine or one of the other popular brands that you will find in London stores.

Are there other things that I think that all girls should have in their arsenal? If you really want to say that you have arrived and made it big, you should consider investing in a pair of diamond solitaire earrings. Okay, I know, I may be a little bit more ambitious than most other cheap Marylebone escorts. However, if you attract the right clients, you can easily end up with all of the good things in life. Sometimes you may have to be prepared to pay for them, but if you get really good tips, that does not really matter so much. Look after your clothes and handbags, and you will find that they will be worth their weight in gold in a few years time. I don’t actually use my handbags a lot, but I know that they are there, and if I need to turn them into cold hard cash, I can easily do so. 

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