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Kensington Leaves Something To Be Desired

Kensington escorts may not leave anything to be desired, but Kensington itself certainly does. This used to be one of the better cared for parts of London, but things have changed. Now, both the roads and pavements are filled with potholes. On my way into Kensington escorts the other night, I mentioned to break the heel of my right shoe. Little wonder really – the pavements are in a terrible state and the entire community seems to be falling apart. It is hard to believe that a royal palace is situated just up the road.

Traditionally, Kensington in London has been thought of as one of the more affluent areas in London. I think that most visitors who come to London and would like to date cheap Kensington escorts think that they are going to end up in the posh part of town. Sure, there are some exclusive residential parts in Kensington, and nice shops, but the Kensington area leaves a lot to be desired. It could really do with cleaning up. 

Kensington Escorts In London

If you have not visited London recently, you will be in for a shock when you come back. This once nicely kept capital is falling apart at the seems. Major infrastructure projects such as London Crossrail are massively behind schedule. With an estimated population of more than 10 million people, London is busting at the seems. On top of the transport crisis, we have a major housing problem. Young girls joining Kensington escorts often struggle to find somewhere to live, this may be one of the contributing reasons why they offer such a great out call service in London.

What can be done? First of all, I think that many big companies based in London need to contribute more. As part of my work for cheap Kensington escorts, I date many of the owners of these companies. I would not say that they shirk from their duties of paying tax, but I do think that they are always trying to get away with something. Tax and paying for the upkeep up public places are not their main priorities. As this became clear to me I reached out to other agencies in BarbicanEalingFinsbury ParkEssexGatwickPaddington and North London so they could help influence their clients to help support the community as well.

Grenfell Tower In Kensington

Many of my cheap Kensington escorts regulars were surprised when they first heard of Grenfell Tower. In the past, many of them had never associated Kensington with public housing. However, we have our fair share of public housing in Kensington. That being said, before Grenfell Tower I think the local authority was trying to cut back on the amount of public housing that is found in Kensington.

In my opinion, and I am sure many of my cheap Kensington escorts colleagues would agree with me, London is still striving to become a city of the super-rich. It is not really working. People from all walks of life live and work in London. We really need to start looking at things in a different way. If we don’t learn how to look after each other, not only is this part of London going to fall apart, many other parts of London will face the same fate. 

What You Can Do To Make London A Nicer Place To Live

If you are sitting around thinking that you can’t do anything, you are wrong. There are plenty of things you can do to make London a nicer place to live. One of the things you can do right away is to stop littering. I am tired of walking into Kensington escorts and seeing tons of rubbish on the streets. Yes, some of it is down to the council which simply does not run such an efficient rubbish collection service anymore.

When I have a couple of days off from Kensington escorts, I often join one of the Kensington litter patrols. I never thought that I would find myself with a pair of grabbers in my hand picking up litter, but that is the way it is. This is my part of London. I would like to carry on living here, but I don’t feel that I can do that if the place is not being looked after.

Yes, there is more to Kensington escorts than meets the eye. We simply love to look after our own home town. If you would like to know more about how you can help your local community in London, check out some of the local community groups in your area and get involved.