Hertfordshire Escorts On Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was a real icon of her era. In many ways, together with her husband Prince Albert, she changed how the British public thought about the monarchy. Of course, not all of it was good, but Prince Albert certainly had a lot of good ideas. Looking back on history, it looks almost as Prince Albert saw the British public as a social experiment. But, what has made cheap Hertfordshire escorts so interested in Queen Victoria. 

First of all, it has to be pointed out that the girls from the escorts agency may not be from the city of London however love to date people from the city and visit all the tourist sites. This is not the only part of London to be associated with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Many other well-known places in and around London have also been named after the Queen and her Prince. Like the girls at Hertfordshire escorts say, some of London’s most famous landmarks bear the names of Queen Victoria and her Albert. 

Hertfordshire Escorts On Visiting London

If this is your first visit to London, why not let cheap Hertfordshire escorts show you some of the many exciting landmarks named after and associated with Queen Victoria. Many visitors who come to London like to visit places such as Albert Bridge. This is the bridge that Queen Victoria ordered built after his death. It spans The Thames between Chelsea and Battersea. It is considered by many to be one of London’s most romantic and beautiful bridges. 

It is a road bridge, but you can also stroll across to enjoy a lovely view of the River Thames. The girls at cheap Hertfordshire escorts have enjoyed many midnight strolls with their clients. The Albert Bridge is a great visitor’s attraction at any time of the year, but it is perhaps best enjoyed during the summer. You often see visitors just hanging out on the bank of The Thames snapping photos of the bridge. 

Other Exciting Places to Visit With Hertfordshire Escorts

When in London, you should also take the opportunity to explore many of the other places associated with Victoria and Prince Albert. Most visitors to London have heard of the Albert and Victoria Museum. This is one of the more unique museums in London. A visit with Hertfordshire escorts to this museum will give you a fantastic insight into life during the Victorian era. Not only does the museum hold collections associated with Prince Albert and Victoria, but it is also well-known for its design and clothing collections. 

Prince Albert was a great lover of music. It is said the German born prince spent many happy hours listening to music incognito in music theatres and other places in and around London. During the Victorian era, London was full of music halls where many poorer Londoners could enjoy entertainment at a cheap price. Rumours has it that Prince Albert fell in love with this side of London and often used to sneak into the crowd. Today, if you want to enjoy good music in London, the Royal Albert Hall is one of the best places to do so. 

Victoria’s London was certainly very different from modern-day London. Were there cheap Hertfordshire escorts about? Sadly at the time, there was not really anything around that can be compared to Hertfordshire escorts. There was plenty of street prostitution as this was one of the few ways poor and destitute women could make money during the Victoria era. Remember that this was the time when Jack the Ripper was active in London and murdered prostitutes in the East End of London. 

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