An Inside Look At Dating Croydon Escorts

Welcome back to our weekly blog! Today’s article is quite a special one as we’re handing over the spotlight to one of our very own clients. We’ve always been interested in the opinions of those who regularly book our Croydon escorts ( as they always prove useful for those of you considering on booking an escort for yourself. So, this week we’re handing you over to James…

The need for a companion is not restricted to being in a relationship. With my work commitments taking up most of my time, I really do not want to get into any serious relationships. No doubt, I have had my share of girlfriends in my life but nothing was that serious to take it to the next level. In a way, you could say we were friends with benefits. Considering that I travel a lot, it becomes difficult to stay in touch with my personal needs. Well, the best alternative that I had was to turn to Croydon escorts.

Although people have their own speculations about dating an escort; I find it interesting. It is not that I have all the money in the world blow up, but since I am earning for my self, there is no harm in doing so. To be honest, I actually love this whole concept.

Croydon escorts are different

When you are dating escorts, it is very different from having sex with a call girl. These girls love what they do and are open to having fun. Do I sleep with them every time I meet them? Defiantly not. I hook up with them on casual occasions, go for a movie or a dinner date once in a while or even twice a month. I’ve even noticed that buying them a gift every so often proves very beneficial for promoting a romantic atmosphere.

With Christmas coming up it would definitely be worth those of you considering the company of an escort to pick up a little something to show them your appreciation. Ace Sexy Escorts have a done a great blog on different Christmas ideas which is definitely worth checking out:

Sometimes when I am travelling out of town for two or three days, I do not mind hiring the services of an escort. The best thing about Croydon escorts is that you can be yourself without having to worry about how you will be judged. These are regular girls with normal fantasies and understand human needs.

The open relationship you share with escorts is a lot better than you imagine. It keeps the whole drama factor away. My life has enough of stress since I’m living off the suitcase, the last thing I need is the demanding nature of a relation.

Over the years there have been various Croydon escorts that I have dated. Some were housewives, students and even professional who help high positions in their companies. It was not the social designation that they had which mattered. In fact, it is more of the comfort you share with them.

Escorts in Croydon make the best companions and friends you can ever think of. Whether you choose to go with their services again or not does not stop from doing what they do. Every time I have dated a companion, the only one thing that I learnt was that these were girls/women who were open to their needs.

The dedication of escorts in Croydon

Given the fact that we all have special wants, companions go out of their way to make things happen. I have had some of the best dates I could possibly imagine with a companion by my side. The first time I even decided to go with the idea, I was shaky.

It’s been close to two years now and I still prefer the services of Croydon escorts anytime. You can have a very intellectual conversation with them. Want to talk dirty; well they are in the game for that also. They equally love to try out new things which make the whole intimate thing more exciting.

There is no comparison between escorts, call girls and porn stars. Each of them has their own set of rules that they play with. Dating an escort is not limited or restricted to a sexual experience. These women are as beautiful as they are from the outside.

The deep connection and bonding that I have shared with my Croydon escorts has even resulted in us becoming friends. What was first a professional relationship started evolving into a good friendship? While many people look down on them, my thoughts are very different. I respect them for who they are.

People misjudge escorts to be call girls; the reality is that they are very different from them. Call girls only indulge in sexual activities and do not go beyond that. They are like living sex dolls who only understand the bang for the buck concept.

Relax in the company of escorts Croydon

With a companion, you can spend a nice quiet evening just sitting down at a park or even going for a party. In one way, it is also safe to say that you are hiring a person to be your friend for a while. Their warmth reflects in their action and the companionship that they provide.

From exotic massages to being presentable for a party, these women can carry off any role easily. The GFE or Girlfriend experience can give you the same feeling and warmth you would get from a partner. There are sex buddies who even provide a shoulder to lean on.

When you are lonely or just down in the dumps, a little time with them can freshen up your mood. My liking for dating an escort in Croydon is not because I am addicted to them. In fact, it is the addiction of feeling wanted and dealing with a matured person.

Although some of my friends do not approve the life I lead, I often question them about what is wrong with it. If we can hook up with a female from a bar or have a one night stand, how does that justify in comparison to dating an escort? The only difference is the FREE SEX thing.

When you go on a blind date, you really do not know who the person is. In fact, you can never say if you are dealing with a matured person or a psycho. At least with an escort, you know that whatever happens is with the consent of the two of you.

Escort agencies have a boundary drawn pertaining to the interactions that the client and escort share. No companion or client can cross that boundary. For a guy who lives by himself, I find it more convenient to date an escort than to date a regular girl. The experience is different and it makes me feel good. As experts always say, it is never wrong to think about your happiness provided you are not hurting somebody else. This is the same thing when you date an companion.

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